Round self-inking stamp

These Shiny Round self-inking stamps are great for large company or society “Common Seal” and regularly have the words “The Common Seal of” in the centre with a circle around it.  Then curving around that the name of the company or society.  For societies the society name and number must be on the seal.

No separate ink pad required, the ink pad is inside the body.

Remember to keep your characters above 7 point for optimum clarity.  Also thickness of lines 0.2mm or wider and gaps between ink areas of 0.2mm as well will result in better looking stamps.

Yes you can have an image in the stamp just send it to us as a vector image or pdf in the “Choose file” box.  At this size these Shiny R552 stamps are great for logos.

Get your brand out there with these large round stamps.

Yes we can include many languages in the round seal design as long as we get the text required typed, not an image, then usually our design programme can import that text.  It may mean you will have to email that separately but try the “Write your Custom text here” box first or attach a .doc file with it typed.

  • Plate size: 50mm (round) Max text area 48.8mm
  • Replacement pad SR552-7-9 in black only
  • Positioning window allows accurate imprint positioning