Poster Printing

Cube Designing Services Dubai a perfect choice for your advertising solution.
Poster printing is a timeless way to advertise events, promote a business, or display your artistic ability. Whether used as motivational posters, art posters, or promotional tools, custom posters are a versatile print medium and have been used by themselves, plastered on bulletin boards, and framed for almost as far back as the printing press. Hundreds of years later they are still a staple of both art and advertising.

Standard poster sizes range from 8.5” x 11” (standard letter size) to 27” x 39”(oversized movie poster size) and everything in between. Posters can be printed on one or both sides, allowing the use of double-sided poster frames and simultaneous indoor and outdoor advertising on store windows. Matte, gloss, and high gloss UV coatings are also available. Choose a matte coating for a less reflective surface and more legibility in bright conditions, or gloss for a nice sheen and more vibrant colors. Use a high gloss UV coat for a truly dramatic poster.

To make your own poster, simply upload your artwork, or use our design tool. Use our poster templates to ensure that your artwork and text is in the safe zone so nothing is cut off and that all bleeds and trims are accounted for.

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