Dubai Premium Banner Stands for Your Event


Whether you are advertising at a trade show or you need to grab attention to a product, service, or sale at your store, banner stands in Dubai are easily one of the most popular ways to capture the attention of anyone that walks into your nearby area.

At Cube Designing services, we create banners stands in Dubai and beyond that are perfect for advertising any type of event. With both retractable and non-retractable banner stands available, we’re confident that we can create the custom display sign that you need for your business or event.

Why Order a Custom Banner Stand from Cube designing services?

Banner stands have every quality that businesses love and need from their signs. Promotional Banner Stands are perfect for full color, detailed prints, which allow them to have almost any type of graphic design. They are long lasting – most banner stands, especially retractable banner stands, can be opened, closed, and transported as needed dozens of times, especially when property cared for, you can say they are portable banner stands. They’re also highly affordable, especially for those that are going to be frequently reused.

At Cube Designing services, we create the display banner stands in dubai that are perfect for any type of business. We offer both popular types of banner stands, each with their own unique advantages:

Retractable Banner Stands – Also known as roll up banner stands and sometimes called “trade show signs,” these advertising banner stands are very easy to open and close, and can be set up in a matter of minutes in any location. They are made with a fabric or vinyl banner print that lasts a long time, and use a special ink that won’t chip or become damaged with regular use.

Non-Retractable Banner Stands – Affordable and efficient, these tension banner stands or X banner stands in Dubai are great for retail stores, grocery stores, and all types of events and designs that do not require a retractable stand. They cost even less than retractable banner stands, and while they are not as easy to store, they can still be long lasting and saved in a large space if needed. They are lightweight stands and preferred to use for indoor promotion/marketing.

We have both outdoor and indoor banner stands as well, perfect for those that do farmer’s markets or outdoor exhibits. In fact, our exhibition banner stands in Dubai are ideal for those that need a sign that can be set up on any hard surface, so even the smallest company that may have a spot at a local market can use these signs anywhere they need to.

Our Customization Options and Services for our Dubai Banner Stands